Thursday, September 29, 2011

:: MaRi PoTonG kUKu::

AlhamduliLlah, I was given the blessing of health. Today, it seems to lengthen my nails without realizing it (seems to me that I realized I did not cut nails at one week). Match any discomfort feel like long nails .. It was actually not good. This is because bacteria such as E-coli will be keen to reside in areas of excessive nail at the end of this finger. As we know, E-coli is difficult to be removed even if we wash our hands with soap ..

Nail is a rather interesting part of the body. Nail contain sulfur-rich keratin. It is the hard part of the body due to lack of water. Nails also serves as a protector of the fingertips and provides greater sensitivity to sense of touch. Fingertips are covered with a lot of receptors that allow us to receive information more effectively when we touch an object. So, the nail acts as a resistance force which increase skin sensitivity, even in the nail itself has no nerves and receptors.

Well, do not worry, this day Thursday, so we cut nails as sunnah ..Apart of Thursday, the days we are encouraged to cut the nails are Monday and Friday. Yes it is, we are ummah of Prophet Muhammad, let us practice the Sunnah, so that together we can received his syafaat later in the doomsday.

In conclusion, please cut your nails if length. This is because, when the long nails it will collect a variety of dirts and thus a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, it may prevent the water for ablution.
I would also like to share how to cut nails that are recommended. Please see and understand the picture below:)

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